About TOKEN2

About TOKEN2

TOKEN2 Multifactor authentication products and services (short name TOKEN2 MFA)  is a group of companies providing various security solutions, such as hardware tokensmobile applications, TOTPRadius server, and Token2 Cloud API, a hosted two-factor authentication service designed to protect primarily Web-based applications (e.g. member area of a CMS based website). An on-premises version of this service is also offered via TOTPRadius Web API. Token2 is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland

Token2 used to be a part of a multifactor authentication research project at the University of Geneva, which has led to a spin-off startup company back in 2013.

About TOKEN2TOKEN2 Multifactor authentication is a member of swiss made software label. The swiss made software label is dedicated to promoting the Swiss software industry, both at home and abroad. It combines Swiss values such as quality, reliability and precision – especially in software development.

TOKEN2 is a registered trademark of the TOKEN2 Multifactor authentication company (registered by Geneva Cantonal Trade Register as CHE-218.895.438 ) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property. Registration number № 743850.

TOKEN2 is listed as a featured hardware token vendor by companies like Microsoft, Untis, US Government and many others.

TOKEN2 is focusing on the following main products and services:

FIDO2 and U2F Security Keys

FIDO2 security keys are an unphishable standards-based passwordless authentication method that can come in any form factor. Token2 FIDO2 Security keys enable organizations and users to use a USB key to sign in without the need of entering a password (i.e. with Azure Passwordless) or can be used as a second factor (i.e. Google Accounts). Our USB keys also support U2F protocol for backward compatibility. Token2 is listed by Microsoft as a compatible FIDO2 security key provider for Azure AD Passwordless. 

About TOKEN2

Token2 security keys are certified by the FIDO® Alliance (Level1 certification)

Classic hardware tokens

We have designed and prototyped several models of OATH compliant hardware tokens. We currently have agreements with a number of different factories that produce the equipment based on our design and algorithms. Our classic hardware tokens can be used in many systems supporting standard TOTP protocol, including WordPress, Azure MFA Server, WebUntis and many others.

Token2 is listed by Microsoft as a recommended TOTP hardware token manufacturer for Azure MFA.

Independent Compliance Check

RFC6238 compliance confirmed by CertX, the first swiss accredited certification body for product certification in the scope of industrial cybersecurity and functional safety.  

TOKEN2 C202 TOTP hardware token - Independent Compliance Check report by CertX

Programmable hardware tokens

Token2 programmable card or keyfob tokens are "drop-in" replacement of OTP mobile apps (such as Google Authenticator or similar). They support authentication backends requiring TOTP tokens without the possibility of specifying the shared secret keys (i.e. keys are generated on server-side only) and are compatible with services such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.

We are the inventors and manufacturers of the world's first multi-profile programmable TOTP hardware token, Molto-1, and the first iPhone compatible programmable TOTP token, C301-i

Before buying, you can test integration and compatibility with your systems using our virtual token, an HTML5 app that fully emulates our classic TOTP tokens. This tool can also be used as a cross-platform TOTP application (for testing purposes only). Just launch the tool with your base32 seed value set as the "key" argument of the URL. The full source code of this tool is available under our GitHub repository

TOTPRadius virtual appliance

TOTPRadius is a 2FA authentication server deployed as a virtual appliance and designed to run on Hyper-V or VMWare hypervisors. This complements the variety of products offered by Token2, any hardware token sold by Token2 can be backed by TOTPRadius as the authentication service. Newer versions of TOTPRadius allow organizing access to corporate VPN using FIDO Security keys (legacy U2F or FIDO2) both via 2FA and Passwordless method. TOTPRadius is free for 5 users and more licenses can be purchased online if needed.

Token2 TOTPRadius provides the RADIUS RFC-2865 for TOTP RFC-6238 based authentication. With TOTPRadius you can integrate a large variety of third-party products and systems with multi-factor authentication. A number of enterprise products and services like VPNs (including Meraki CVPN and Fortinet VPN), Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, VMWare View, and many others provide support for RADIUS servers to validate the second factor of user authentications.

 Token2 Online Shops

TOKEN2 Switzerland operates its own online shop to sell the whole range of TOKEN2 products globally. For clients located in the member states of the European Union, we recommend placing orders via our partner company in France

 Lifecycle of orders

Our order workflow is described in full details here

Security of the TOTP hardware token secret keys

Detailed information about the security surrounding the shared secret key hashes (seeds) of our hardware tokens and about how this data is stored and operated is available here

TOKEN2 Multifactor authentication products and services (short name TOKEN2 MFA) is a group of companies providing various security solutions.


Certifications & Compliance
We operate in compliance with the leading industry standards and certifications in cybersecurity, product quality, safety and sustainability.


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Large Volume Orders
For large orders, Token2 offers volume discounts.If you are interested in larger volume orders, please contact us and we will get back with a quote immediately
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