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Programmable with time sync

World's first TOTP hardware tokens with the time synchronization feature. The system clock of these tokens can be adjusted using our "burner" apps, available under Android and Windows. This feature allows to avoid time drift issues with classic tokens and programmable tokens without time sync as all hardware TOTP tokens have a natural tendency of their built-in clocks to become out of sync with time.
Programmable hardware tokens that allow syncing the hardware clock using a special app. This is ideal for systems not supporting time drift or if the tokens are planned to be enrolled a few years after the purchase. The time sync feature is implemented in 2 different ways:

Unrestricted time sync
C302, EVVIS-QR1, Molto-* (all variations) , miniOTP-2 and OTPC-P1
With these models, the time can be set keeping the current seed.
Restricted time sync
miniOTP-3, OTPC-P2 and C301
With these models, setting the time will automatically clear the seed for security purposes (to avoid the risk of a replay attack)

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