FIDO2/Passkeys Demo

Discover the future of secure and user-friendly authentication with our FIDO2 & Passkeys demo. Explore both platform and roaming authentication methods, making online security more convenient and versatile than ever. Whether you're a customer of ours or a curious user, this demo provides a hands-on experience of the power of FIDO2 and Passkeys based on WebAuthN technology. WebAuthn is a JavaScript browser API, empowering websites to generate and employ WebAuthn credentials. This API provides websites with the capability to utilize the inherent client authenticator technology within browsers and/or operating systems (such as Windows Hello) and physical security keys.

Need more info about your FIDO2 Key?
Check out our FIDO2 Key Data Explorer. This tool gives you detailed information about your FIDO2 security keys, including AAGUID and attestation certificates.

FIDO2 Key Data Explorer

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The first step involves registering your key with this demo tool. When your Token2 key begins to blink, simply press the button/touch area/fingerprint sensor to activate it. If using NFC transport, the activation is done by tapping the NFC area of the primary device.
You can also select whether a PIN should be requested ( about PIN protection ).

activate the FIDO2 key: touch the NFC area, press the button or scan fingerprint

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The next step is to perform an authentication with the registered device. Please do not proceed to this step before you successfully complete the registration step. Please note that a test username is randomly generated when this page loads. Therefore, after every refresh of the page, a new registration is required to establish a new connection between your device and your updated credentials.

activate the FIDO2 key: touch the NFC area, press the button or scan fingerprint

About Passkeys

Any resident/discoverable FIDO credential is a passkey. Passkeys are usually used as a password replacement that provide faster, easier, and more secure sign-ins to websites and apps. In this context, passkey is usually an umbrella term for both physical FIDO2 keys and built-in authenticators.

A test credential (starting with token2_user) will be created for this demo on your security key's memory. Make sure you remove this credential after completing the tests.

FIDO2 is created by the FIDO Alliance. The FIDO Alliance, established in 2011, is a global consortium comprising hundreds of organizations dedicated to enhancing online security. Over the years, it has introduced a range of significant specifications that have reached billions of users. Token2 is a member of the FIDO Alliance.