Virtual TOTP Tokens and converters

The tools below can be used to emulate hardware tokens. This can be used to test the functionality or to verify the OTP generation.


TOTP Toolset

Virtual TOTP Tokens and convertersThis open-source toolset can be used to emulate a hardware token and as to perform OTP verification and drift detection. It can also be used to generate random seeds for programmable tokens and record generated data as CSV file for Azure MFA as described here.
The source code of Token2 TOTP Toolset is available under our GitHub repository. You can also use the hosted version.

t2otp.exe - command-line tool

Virtual TOTP Tokens and convertersThis tool is created as a command-line emulator of Token2 hardware tokens. It can generate any combination of 6 or 8 digits OTP, with 30 or 60 seconds interval, with SHA1 or SHA256 secret keys. Click here for more information and download.


A powershell script to convert files containing TOTP seeds(secrets) from base32 format to hex. The main use case is to convert Azure MFA CSV file to DUO-Compatible TOTP Import file