TOTP Toolset

sha1 version

sha256 version

This toolset can be used to emulate a hardware token and as to perform OTP verification and drift detection . The previous version of this tool is available here


  • convert hex seed to base32 format
  • generate QR image based on hex or base32 seed key values
  • generate random seed values (i.e. for Token2 programmable tokens)
  • verify the time drift with customizable skew value
  • create CSV for Azure MFA import

We have also developed a fully client-side version of Token2 TOTP Toolset (Token2 TOTP Toolset - local), which can be run locally without accessing any libraries/resources on the Internet (including the QR image generation). The full source code of "Token2 TOTP Toolset - local" is available under our GitHub repository.
If you have a TOTP QR Code and need to calculate OTP from the QR code directly, use our TOTP QR Image decoder service. You may also want to explore our Virtual TOTP Token Tool for Windows.

Seed in base32

👁 show seed in HEX

QR code

OTP verification & drift detection

skew ±

Seed data

Unix epoch / 30
HMAC(secret, time)
Seed (hex)
Hex length

Token data

CSV generation csv in Azure MFA format

** True randomness by ANU QRNG API provided by the Australian National University