Model Number c202
Form-factor dongle
Functions TOTP sha1
Dimensions 49×26×8 mm
Weight 16.8 gr
Product ID T2-3
Wordpress fully compatible
Azure On-Prem MFA Server fully compatible
Azure Cloud MFA / Office 365 AD Premium P1 or P2 fully compatible
Watchguard AuthPoint fully compatible
ESET Secure Authentication fully compatible
Google Account not compatible
Meraki Dashboard not compatible

Not listed here

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If the system you are using is not included in the compatibility list, it does not necessarily indicate incompatibility. We encourage you to refer to our integration guides page or get in touch with us for more information.

Token2 c202 hardware token - 5 pack


85.50 USD

Shipping costs will be calculated at the checkout page

pack of 5 tokens


Built-in Button, 6 Character LCD Screen

Security Algorithm: TOTP (TOTP is based on HOTP with a timestamp replacing the incrementing counter)

OTP Length: 6 digits

OTP Time interval: 30 seconds

Dimensions: 49.8 x 26 x 8.25mm

Water resistance: IP67

Secret hash: random - factory programmed

Hardware Certification: RoHS Compliant

Operating Temperature:  -10°C .. 50°C

Tamper Evident / Tamper Protection

Battery Type: Standard Lithium Battery

Battery Lifetime:   5-7 Years (depending on usage)

Obtaining the seeds/secrets/CSV files for TOTP tokens
The process of requesting factory-set seeds for Token2 hardware tokens is described here.

Independent Compliance Check

RFC6238 compliance confirmed by CertX, the first swiss accredited certification body for product certification in the scope of industrial cybersecurity and functional safety.  

TOKEN2 C202 TOTP hardware token - Independent Compliance Check report by CertX

You can attach this token to a keyring with an additional accessory, a rope loop, which is included for free with every token ordered

In addition to the OTP digits, this model also has a battery level indicator and a visual timer indicator on the left side

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