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Our hardware TOTP tokens are small, easy-to-use devices that support OATH-compliant strong authentication with time-based one-time passwords (TOTP). You can compare the specifications of different products using the comparative table below. If still in doubt which token is right for you, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you make the right choice.

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EVVIS-QR-1 C301-i
Form-factor Cuboid with a TFT Screen dongle
Algorithm TOTP TOTP
Time offset, seconds 30 or 60 30
Number of digits 6 6
Clock accuracy 1
Screen type TFT 2.4inch; res: 240*320 LCD
Screen size (L×W), mm 35×50 27×10
Dimensions (L×W×H), mm 74×53×12.9 49×26×8
Weight, gr. 40 17
Waterproof -
Expected lifetime, years 2 8 5-6
Programmable 3 R

Clock accuracy observed by our testers. Rating out of 5. For tokens with clock accuracy below 5 stars, the authentication server should support token drift correction or allow larger skews (i.e. Azure MFA allows up to 900 seconds skew, so even 3 out of 5 should work fine).

Depending on the usage frequency

Programmable tokens can be used as a mobile authenticator app replacement. Requires a special accessory app to set/reset the seed and synchronize the hardware clock of a token.
   An Android device with NFC and one of our burner apps may be used
   An iPhone 8 (or higher) device running iOS 13 or higher and TOKEN NFC Burner app may be used
   Windows application requires an external USB NFC reader. The application has only been tested under Windows 10 64 bit.
   Allows syncing/adjusting the hardware clock of the token using the burner app
  R Restricted time sync: allows syncing/adjusting the hardware clock of the token using the burner app, but setting the time will automatically clear the current seed