FAQ: NFC Burner applications

Find the answers to frequently asked questions about our burner applications below. 


What type of hardware is required?

Our programmable hardware tokens rely on NFC protocol for data transfer (seeds, serial number, OTP etc.). Therefore the device to be used must have an NFC chip to communicate. For Windows version of the burner application, we will also make a USB NFC module available on our online shop.

Which platform?

All the models can be programmed using our apps under Android and Windows (NFC hardware required). Newer models (part numbers ending with "-i", i.e. "C301-i") can be programmed using an iPhone 8 and newer running iOS v13 and higher. Python version of some tools are available and can be used under MacOS and Linux

I am getting errors when trying to burn

Please have a look at this article, explaining the NFC stability issues. Before burning please make sure your phone sees the card by using “get OTP” or "token info" buttons.

FAQ: NFC Burner applications
If NFC is still not working try changing the position of the token to make sure antennas overlap - i.e. from vertical to horizontal or vice versa. The exact location of the NFC antenna depends on the phone model, but usually it is under the camera (see the illustration of Samsung Galaxy S6 as an example).

FAQ: NFC Burner applications
The NFC antenna on the phone should ideally overlap with the NFC chip of the programmable token covering as larger surface of the NFC antenna as possible. The image below shows the location of the NFC chip of a miniOTP  card.