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Two-factor authentication with hardware tokens for Eclipso account

Two-factor authentication with hardware tokens for Eclipso account Eclipso is a GDPR compliant email & cloud service from Germany. In this guide, we will explain how to enable two-factor authentication for an Eclipso account using one of our programmable hardware tokens.
How do I activate two-factor authentication?
  • Log in to your user account via the desktop version
  • Call up the Settings > Two-Factor Authentication menu.
  • Click on the button "Enable two-factor authentication"
  • Download and install one of our burner apps on your smartphone or Windows PC
  • Scan the QR code with the burner app or manually enter the secret key into the app
  • Burn the seed onto your hardware token and verify
  • Two-factor authentication is now enabled
  • The next time you log in to the desktop version, the 6-digit TOTP code generated by the hardware token is always required.

Which token can I use with Eclipso?

According to Eclipso guide the TOTP code "is only valid for 30 seconds", which may mean that the time drift or skew is not supported. Therefore only tokens with unrestricted time sync (miniOTP-2 or OTPC-P1) are recommended to be used.

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