TOKEN2 NFC Burner for Molto1 - Android App

How to burn a TOTP profile onto Token2 Molto-1 hardware token using TOKEN2 NFC Burner for Molto1 Android App

Step1. Install the app from Google Play and launch it. If you do not have access to Google Play, we can send you the APK file directly, please request here.

 Step2. Turn off the Molto-1 device if powered on, then long-press the power button (for about 5-7 seconds). This should enable “Programming mode” on the device.

TOKEN2 NFC Burner for Molto1 - Android App

Step3. Place the device on the NFC antenna area of your phone. A sound or visual notification should indicate a successful NFC link. Please note that on some phone models it is important to place the token exactly over the NFC area. Read more about NFC connectivity here

Step4. Touch "Connect" button to establish the link and then "get token info" to verify the device was recognized successfully. You should get the following information in the log area.

TOKEN2 NFC Burner for Molto1 - Android App

Step5. Before burning the seed, you may need to configure the profile settings. The profile settings can be set in the TOTP Profile configuration section. By default, the Profile #0 is set as SHA1, 30 seconds and with the profile name “Token2”. Other 9 profiles are not configured, and if you want to utilize them, you must set the profile settings as shown in the example below:

Example 1. Setting TOTP Profile #3 as 60 seconds, SHA256 and 8 digits with a profile name of “Test”

a) Select the profile number in the “TOTP Profile” section

TOKEN2 NFC Burner for Molto1 - Android App

b) Touch  “Set Profile Name” button, enter the profile name and hit "Confirm". Check the log section to verify the process completed (the log should have "03- Name set successfully")

TOKEN2 NFC Burner for Molto1 - Android App

c) Configure the TOTP Settings in the section below the profile name and click on “apply config” button. The successful operation should be logged as shown below.

TOKEN2 NFC Burner for Molto1 - Android App

Please note that by default the clock of each TOTP profile is synced with your device's system time. If you want to manually change the time, uncheck the "auto sync” checkbox before clicking on “apply config”.

Burning the seeds

Once you have configured the TOTP profile settings (time offset, algorithm etc.) you can burn the seed. Make sure the device is in programming mode (If not, turn off the Molto-1 device if powered on, then long-press the power button for about 5-7 seconds - this should enable “Programming mode” on the device). 

  • Enter the seed (in base32 format) or hit the "scan QR" button to read the seed from a QR image
  • Then, place the token onto the NFC area and verify the NFC link is established. 
  • Click on "Burn seed" button. A log entry with the serial number and "Successful operation" text will be logged in the log window.

Advanced settings

The NFC Burner app also allows configuring advanced parameters as described below. Kindly note that these settings are global (i.e. not per TOTP profile).

Token Key
You can change the customer key of your Molto-1 device to make sure nobody else can change the settings of your TOTP profiles. The app should have the correct customer key entered in the system configuration to allow to perform TOTP Profile configuration changes and burning the seeds. To prevent brute-force attacks, the system will perform a factory reset after 200 unsuccessful attempts. Please note that currently, the key is only accepted if set as a hex string.

You can generate a random hex key using the button below

After changing the key, make sure you also update the configuration by entering the new key via "Set Customer Key" button

Standby time

The display of the hardware token automatically turns off after a certain period of time. You can change this period in the “Set standby time” section. Just choose one of the 4 options and click on “Confirm”

TOKEN2 NFC Burner for Molto1 - Android App

Factory reset

If for some reason, you want to clean all profiles or in case you forgot the customer key and want to set a new one, you can use the factory reset button. Kindly note that this operation will not only delete all TOTP seeds but also clear the configuration, including the time settings and the default profile settings.

TOKEN2 NFC Burner for Molto1 - Android App

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