Our partners

Token2 supplies its products to many organizations and companies of every size, worldwide, from growing private businesses to some of the largest international groups, but, for obvious reasons, we are not in a position to list all customers here. On this page, we are providing only the customers and partners linking back to us from their publicly visible websites to serve as references.

Our partnersLeTourneau University 

Our partnersMicrosoft, OATH hardware tokens for Azure MFA 

Our partnersUS Government  General Services Administration, DotGov 

Our partnersWebUntis - Online timetable planning for schools

Our partnersUserLock by ISDesicions - 2FA & Access Management for Windows Active Directory

Our partnersHelloID from TOOLS4EVER, a Cloud-based Single Sign-On IDaaS Software


Third party integration guides 

https://blog.o365mvp.com/2019/01/29/azure-ad-mfa-by-token2/ [in Japanese/ 日本人] 

Large Volume Orders
For large orders, Token2 offers volume discounts.If you are interested in larger volume orders, please contact us and we will get back with a quote immediately
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